We provide a wide range of services to our clients including:

  • Development and implementation of industrial and employment agreements (i.e. Enterprise Agreements, Individual Flexibility Arrangements, common law employment contracts etc);
  • On-site representation and negotiation when dealing with unions or other employee groups;
  • Dealing directly with unions (including on the ground assistance during periods of industrial action);
  • Dealing with government agencies (including the Equal Opportunity Commission, Fair Work Australia, the Fair Work Ombudsman etc);
  • Advocacy in industrial relations forums or Tribunals, including the WA Industrial Relations Commission and Fair Work Australia;
  • Development and implementation of industrial relations strategies;
  • Identifying and assisting employers to comply with the various obligations arising from Awards and other industrial instruments;
  • Establishing performance based pay systems that comply with all relevant requirements;
  • Ongoing advice and assistance;
  • Training employees in industrial relations and workplace issues; and
  • Dispute resolution.

Because we are committed to providing comprehensive and cohesive services to our clients, Heelan Holdings Pty Ltd has a close relationship with a law firm (WA Workplace Law Pty Ltd), enabling us to quickly obtain legal advice for our clients where necessary. We also maintain direct personal relationships with industrial law professionals, including Senior Legal Counsel.

Our services are intended to assist employers from an IR perspective, covering all aspects of the employment relationship from recruitment to termination.

With their varied backgrounds, training and personal attributes, our consulting personnel operate as an effective team in representing our clients interests. The depth of our team's combined experience also enables us to provide our clients with the level of service necessary, within the timeframe required and with an emphasis on pro-active problem solving.